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We offer a wide variety of treatment options, ranging from traditional, time-proven appliances to the latest innovative orthodontic advancements. Our team of highly-qualified professionals is committed to determining which treatment solution is best suited for your specific orthodontic needs and will render the ideal result that you want!

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Learn MoreDamonĀ® Bracket System
DamonĀ® Bracket System

The first self-ligating bracket system, Damon braces use lighter wires and lower-friction brackets, which result in fewer appointments, less discomfort and faster treatment! The brackets are made in both stainless steel and clear, so you have a choice in how your braces look.

Learn MoreHerbst Appliance
Herbst Appliance

For some patients with extreme overbites, the issue is not that the top jaw is too far forward, but that the bottom jaw sits too far back. To correct this malocclusion, Dr. Sayre uses a Herbst appliance which encourages the lower jaw to ‘catch up’ in growth to the upper jaw.

Learn MoreOffice Tour
Office Tour

We want everyone who visits our office to feel comfortable and welcomed! If you’re a new patient to our practice, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the office before your first visit. Simply click here to take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art yet inviting facility!